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We are a newly established small team of experts specialised in providing management consulting, advising you in the digital transformation of your business as well as high-level project management and advisory services to the public and private sectors.


We are your go-to team when you are facing challenging tasks or projects that require specialised knowledge and insight. Our team has comprehensive international experience from the software and water engineering industry combined with latest knowledge and technology insight in relation to digital transformation, project management and business strategy. We are ready to help you regardless of volume or complexity!


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We all have comprehensive experience from the software and water engineering industry and a unique combination of strong skills within management, advanced mathematical modelling and consultancy. Our speciality is within the water industry where we can offer guidance ranging from the digital transformation of water utilities to high-level technical consultancy on your water related projects.


While our specialty is within water, we have a broad network of partners that we work closely together with to deliver one-stop services.


Check out the latest news in optimising investments in climate adaptation


In collaboration with Hvidovre Municipality and Gate21, CBMC Group has been tasked to develop the methodology for a new tool, which will make it easier for the municipalities to optimise investments in climate adaptation solutions. Check out the latest news in this proces here (in English).

The SMART Water findings are released!


The SMART Water project has released its final report which is revealing some interesting conclusions and recommendations on how to accelerate the digitalization of the water sector and harvest the benefits. CBMC Group is proud of its contributions to and partaking in the project. Get the full report in Danish here and an English version here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


2018 is the year when CBMC Group was established and thus, it has been exciting times where everything is new and thrilling. We would like to use this special time of the year to thank you all for your valuable support. We hope that 2019 will be a prosperous year for all our clients and partners and we are looking forward to continuing working with you all.

Our warmest and best wishes to all of you!


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